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Poor dictionary

I like this game but I agree with the previous reviewers that it has a VERY limited dictionary and has far too many suspicious (made-up) words.

Great brain exercise

Sure comes in handy when you are waiting in airport or for an appointment. I like that I can shut it down and continue the same game later.

Love the idea...

This is similar to the Rack Attack game on MSN. This is pretty good except that the dictionary seems strange, and limited. Ive played a few games and have already come up against repeat rounds. I love that it can play in landscape.

Good Timewaster but...

I like this game and play it often to pass the time. I also agree with the other reviewers that it has a limited amount of boards to play on and such. But the real beef I have with this game is the fact that is crashes quite a bit. Especially if you set the iPhone/iPod down or if the acelerator changes the screen from landscape to vertical view. It will crash the game and knock you back to the title screen erasing any points youve racked up before. Its happened more than a dozen times since Ive downloaded it almost a year ago. The most annoying time was when I had a score in the 10,000 range. Grrrrrr. If the developers can fix this by allowing us to select either landscape or vertical mode to avoid the crashing then this game certainly is a great way to pass the time.

Love it!

Well I adore this game & play it all the time. The one issue I have is that its way too easy to accidentaly end a game! My finger always seems to hit it when my score starts to get high! Ugh! Get rid of the end the game button please! Other than I have no issues with this game. Thanks!

Fun timekiller

Lots of settings for a variety of ways to play. I prefer no time limit so i can take it slow. My only gripe is that the world list rejects dirty words and stuff, and certain other words are not accepted. Can the user add works to the dictionary?

Great Game!

It has officially made its way into my "Fav Games" folder!

Location of "End Round" button.

I accidently touch the "End Round" button so many times on my iPad. Couldnt you move it to where the "X" comes up and vice versa. If the arrow and the "X" were above and below each other on the right side, at least the round isnt over if the "X" is touched accidently. Thank you. Your game is otherwise so much fun and a great way to pass the time.


As a keen Scrabble and Scramble player, I am disappointed with this. Too many words are disallowed compared to other word games. E.g the word hosta -a common garden plant - is not allowed. What word data base are they using? Needs to be improved. Too boring! I will not be using this app.

Great Word-related App

This app was recommended by a friend who insisted it was worth the 230 yen. The concept is simple -- make words out of the seven letters you are given in the time provided. The interface is great, the concept is great, the word combinations are great, etc. Its great. The only problem is that the dictionary loaded in to it drives me batty sometimes, probably more because Im used to my vocabulary, and it doesnt always overlap with mine. With many free word lists out there, I would like an option to remove certain words/add certain words to make a customized list.

Sluggish interface, but a reasonable substitute for TextTwist

TextTwist was one of my favorite games on my recently abandoned Treo. This is a pretty good substitute. The rules are slightly different, and I miss the "Last word" button - that was really handy when you just want to add an "s" to your word. It seems a little sluggish in responding.

Best Word Game!

this is the best word game out there. great scoring system and awesome interface!

Couple of things

I really enjoy this game, however, there are two issues... 1) it seems that I am doing the same words over and over. And 2) there are many common words this game will not accept. Pause would be nice too. Thanks

Great Word Game!

Been playing this for awhile and thought I owed a review on it. Thanks for all the nice updates that have addressed a lot of the issues within these reviews. I still have one issue with the missed words showing in only a light gray color which can be difficult to see and would be nice to have a shuffle button too. Other than that a great game and love the landscape mode as well. Nice game LSS.

scrambling letter problem

I cant scramble the letters. Nobody has mentioned this, so Im wondering if theres something wrong with my game.


Good game and all easy to get into and play for a while, just need word definitions for every word, if you cant define it dont put it in, the games said Ive missed some very weird, not very word like words and if you want to include them at least say what they mean

Perfect for a short wait

This app is great for killing small amounts of time: Like waiting for the subway, or being bored while taking care of business. This is the only app I still use almost daily for about a year now! It is incredible, that the amount of repetition is so low in that long time.

Words nonexistance

Its a fun game but half of the time itll have words that dont really exist as if the creator just made up words. Words like mys. At time it even have roger, I cant tell if its using it as roger that or a name and it uses random abbreviations. It was only a dollar but I played wordwhomp online for free on my computer. Note to the creator, polish up your word choices.


Nice interface but the dictionary is severely limited and doesnt include a lot of words that every other game would. Also seems to be somewhat censored, as the word "A*S" (you know, a donkey) is NOT considered a word. Who knows what other words it has censored? Games like Quordy are MUCH more refined -- and less pricey.

Muddled broken with iPhone 3.0 update

I have a first generation iPhone and just updated the OS to 3.0. Now when I open Muddled the letters feel stuck or dont move at all. Its also crashing a lot. Is it just my iPhone? Please update Muddled to work with OS 3.0. Its my favorite commuting game.

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